Fair Housing

The Planning Department continues to serve as the local contact for housing discrimination complaints. People who feel that they have been denied access to housing because of race, color, sex, nation origin, religion, children or family status, marital status, disability, rental subsidy, source of income, sexual orientation, age, or veteran status, may file a complaint in the Planning Department office.

In a sense, we are the local offices of the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination (MCAD) with respect to matters related to housing. There is not much activity, but the Department must be prepared to handle such complaints when they come in.

Data Collection

The Planning Department:
  • Collects, compiles, and analyzes residential and non-residential data and generates build-out projections
  • Stores the U.S. Census and other data on population, housing, employment, income, commuter traffic, etc.
  • Makes the data available to other departments as needed
  • Monitors and reports on housing data to DHCD for purposes of maintaining an updated Subsidized Housing Inventory under MGL, Chapter 40B
The Planning Department is the repository for the Acton Cultural / Historic Resources Index inventory sheets.