Acton's Budget Documents

Budget Plan

This plan determines how the Town balances revenue and expenditures to fund services that it provides:

Fiscal Year 2021
Fiscal Year 2020
Fiscal Year 2019
Fiscal Year 2018
Fiscal Year 2017

Operating and Capital Budgets

These documents provide an outline, organized by Town Meeting vote of the Town's budget and expenditures for its day-to-day operations including programs and services such as Police, Fire, EMS, education, and recycling as well as capital items such as building repairs, vehicle replacement and infrastructure improvements.

Major Initiatives From the Board of Selectmen - Fiscal Year 2019

Board of Selectmen Annual Goal Setting Results - A list of goals in order of importance determined by the Board of Selectmen during the Annual Goal Setting Meeting.

Standard & Poor's AAA Bond Rating

The Town was notified that our AAA bond rating has been maintained with a stable outlook. This rating was sought pursuant to the Town’s plan to refinance $12 million in debt remaining on the Parker Damon Twin School bond issue of 2003. There is 10 years left on that bond and estimated savings are approximately $150,000/year with 63% of savings due back to the Massachusetts School Building Authority. That leaves 37% of savings to be returned to the taxpayers.

Audit Reports